Throw a Little Light

Literature for the Teens

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‘Beyond the Wall’

Volume I of Throw a Little Light is the story of a boy who paints his way out of trouble, although he's not an artist. It is a classic adventure story, loosely related to the Greek Myth of the Chimera, but it’s also a story of ‘calf love’ between a teenage boy and girl, of boyhood rivalry and friendship, and of family relations. The action of this story is the cause, and also the consequence of the painting action, which takes us on a  parallel journey into the dream world of a budding artist.


ISBN13:  978-1460988374

ISBN10:  146098837X


This book is suitable for english-language students



‘The Microcosm’

Volume II of Throw a Little Light is only superficially an action-packed skiing adventure in the Carpathian mountains during the post-communist era. It’s really about the nature of the Universe as the young might see it. Miss Ramana Belfont, Michael’s ‘muse’ in Vol I, now moves center stage as a talented skier. They encounter many hazards on their skiing adventure, and just happen to discover the secret of eternal life in passing. 


ISBN13:  978-1456346492

ISBN10:  1456346490


This book is suitable for english- language students



Watch It

Everything is exactly what it seems … or so it seems. And even if it isn’t, one person with a mission will go battling on regardless till she finds what she’s searching for – an old watch that makes time go in the right direction. After a wild goose chase that takes her half way round the Universe and back, for no apparent reason, her instinct finally leads her to the stolen object … and she steals it back. The wicked thieves were planning to use it for their own gain. No so Ramana – alias Miss Klarabelle King, Deputy Roving Correspondent for Teen Queen and Associated Magazines. She plans to return it to its rightful owner, an old friend of hers, but not before she’s used it to go back in time and tried to reverse that moment of hellish horror when she lost two friends, and, unless she’s successful, a part of herself forever.


ISBN13:  978-1456565398

ISBN10:  1456565397


This book is suitable for english- language students