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The Belvedere Quartet – Vol IV

Another Eden

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Another Eden


Contrary to a popular misconception, the artist J. Thurberton Murditlin was not thrown down from the altar of an Italian church while painting the Madonna. He just fell. Whatever the case, he had his doubts about it, but one thing was certain   that the story would go on. The sad case of his fall had cast a shadow across the landscape of the ‘Bel Paese which he liked so much, deflecting the focus of his changed affections to a new horizon … beyond which lay Brazil. That was a place where love was sure to find him, and would surely bind him, as eventually it most surely did. Only the call of duty could deflect him from the heart’s home which he’d made there with his belovéd Flora, in the tree-covered mountains of the Mantiqueira … but what kind of duty? An act of atonement for his past Madonna? A pilgrimage to the temple of a false Messiah in LA, who wanted to have his portrait painted on the end wall of his temple, above the altar. He would be well paid, so naturally he was tempted. But no. Oh no, no, no. Painting the Devil or the Devil’s agent would compound the hypocrisy of his past presumption … unless … of course … he could find a way to put the chance it offered to good use ...


ISBN – 13:  078-1514375358

ISBN – 10:  1514375354






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